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Raw Tanzanian Purple Sea Moss

Raw Tanzanian Purple Sea Moss


This is one of the most potent red algaes in the world, it contains powerful healing energy and has many benefits for your skin, hair, gut health and more.

This Red Algae is harvested and gathered from the Indian Ocean, by the indigenous women of Tanzania.

Wildcrafted African Sea Moss is a tasteless mineral-rich sea vegetable that contains nearly all of the 102 organic minerals that make up the human body.

  • `Prepare Raw Moss To Gel

    1 oz of the Tanzanian Purple Sea Moss will make one 16oz mason jar of gel (that's a lot for so little!). Wash moss, place in glass bowl with water to soak overnight. You will notice that the moss has expanded/swelled. Put moss in blender with a bit of water, just enough (be sure not to add too much water!!) Blend for 60-90 Seconds. 

    You can use Distilled or Spring Water

    You can soak for 3hrs rinse that water out and then soak again with new water. Keep in mind while soaking you are only soaking in Distilled or Spring. Second Soak should be overnight. 

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